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Places to visit in Pacific Beach, California

Pacific Beach has got it all, great surf, great food, great shopping and great night life. Pacific Beach is composed of it’s main streets Mission Blvd. going from north to south and Garnet Ave. going east to west. Garnet is where you will find the bar and shopping scene with some outliers close by on Mission blvd. Here is a great list of places to visit while you are in Pacific Beach.

If you were wanting to lay out on the beach Law st. is a great place to do it(North Pacific Beach)! Most days you will see all the windsurfers there, and can walk just a little south on the beach to watch all the long boarders at tourmaline. Law st also has a great little grassy area on top of the hill that drops straight down to the beach, great for scenery pictures!

Law st

Some great restaurants to visit:


Enjoy some great beer and some amazing flat bread on their roof top deck. They have a great view and is perfect for a sunny San Diego day lunch. Located at the end of Grand st and Mission Blvd.


If you want to have a great dinner with upscale food and drinks than JRDN is a great restaurant right on the boardwalk with great views of the beach and sunset. The price is a little more expensive than other places in PB but definitely worth the experience. Located on the boardwalk at the end of Felspar st.


World Famous is a great breakfast/brunch spot to hit. It again is right on the boardwalk with a great view and is nice on your wallet. Their lobster eggs Benedict is to die for! Located at the end of Pacific Beach drive.


The patio is in east Pacific Beach on Lamont in between Garnet and Grand. Great atmosphere, food and drinks. They always have great specials going on and the decor is interesting with vibrant plants and close touching tables to create more of a right at home feeling.


Best burger in San Diego? Rocky’s! Their menu is sweet and simple. Burgers and Fries and a lunch special of a burger, fries and a beer. What else do you need?

taco_surf_taco_shop-sd-1 oscars-mexican-seafood-pacific-beach

Mexican food is a way of life in San Diego. If you want to stir up controversy it’s not asking about politics or religion just ask who has the best California burrito. Here are the best contenders in Pacific beach. Taco Surf and Oscars. Tacos, burritos, carne asada nachos, you can’t really go wrong at these two places. Taco surf is on Mission blvd and Oscars is located in North Pacific Beach on Turquoise st.

Top Bars to go to:

the tavern

Tavern is a go to for a great time. Long list of beers, high number of T.V’s for games, plenty of seating inside and outside and at night is jam packed with people on the dance floor. Bartenders are always nice and friendly and enhance the whole experience at the bar.  If you are looking for a great bar all around than I suggest Tavern for that. Located on Garnet and Everts st.


The backyard is relatively new to pacific Beach but has already made a great name for its self. It’s located in the central spot of Garnet and mission blvd. Enjoy the updated bar appearance with great room to dance and meet people. Two bars inside to choose from with a great selection of beers and spirits.


Barrel Republic is a unique spot on Garnet to try some great beer. You pour your own beer after getting an electronic bracelet that activates each tap. This is a great way to taste many styles of beer without having to get full beers each time. You pay by how many ounces you pour for each beer. Located on Garnet and Fanuel.


Lahaina is as close as you can get to enjoying a drink on the beach (legally). With a huge patio to enjoy the waves and boardwalk crowd is the ultimate beach side bar to enjoy a beer, or two.


Want to watch your favorite team play on the big screen? Miller’s Field is the unofficial sports bar of PB. They have T.V.’s every where you look and can enjoy a huge mason jar of beer while snacking on fried goodness. Located on Mission blvd and Hornblend.

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