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Creative ways to style a small apartment

When living in a small apartment you need to utilize every square inch that you have. This can require a little creativity and innovation with using house hold items in ways you never thought too before. Compartmentalizing and consolidating your possessions and furniture will help you maximize your space and add so much room without adding that square footage. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

1. Hanging anything on the walls, inside cabinets and even from the ceilings will open up so much more drawer space for you.

hanging bags

Some simple thumbtacks inside your pantry door or wall can hold those sandwich and snack bags instead of wasting space in a drawer.


Same with all your other boxed bags, aluminum and other food savers you can hang on the inside of a cabinet using a simple magazine holder.

bath towel

Storing your towels in a bin or hallway closet is of the past, store them in hanging baskets so you can use that storage and space for something else!

2. Using room dividers to break up a room not only helps break up rooms in your apartment but adds even more storage!

storage in apartment

This can help you make the image that there is an entry way into your apartment instead of just a living room. Plus, look at all the extra storage!

studio and living room studio storage

If you have a studio a room divider at the end of your bed is the perfect idea to break up the space of where you sleep to the space where you entertain guests and watch T.V.

3. Desks and tables are the most under used consolidated furniture that I have seen. Desks/tables can easily be turned into a fun activity or a creative illusion in your apartment. Here are some great ideas to have the eating area you want but not take up too much room.

table behind couch

This may take a little more searching in furniture stores to find the correct size to fit behind your couch but this is a great way to have a bar style dining table. You can watch your morning news when having breakfast or have a fun sports event going on and still accommodate a good amount of people.

fold out dining table

Here’s a great DIY project. Turn your dining room table into art when you are not using it! What a perfect way to hide a table and add life to your apartment at the same time!

bedroom storage

A desk at the end of your bed is a classy and space saving way to get your work done. In this picture you can see a very simple white half square shaped desk about the same length of the bed. If you want to get even more creative find a desk like this one but a little longer than your bed so  you could move the desk up to where you lay and work in bed if you are wanting to lay down as you are working. Kind of a little hovering working top in bed.

fold out desk

Here’s another easy DIY project for a desk that ultimately takes up no space when folded up. This can be a creative decorative piece when not being used. All you need is a distressed pallet which is very easy to find in the back of any big grocery store. Then attach a drop down matching wooden board. Piece of cake!

4. Get creative with things! Here are some smart ideas that will not brake the bank!

extra shower curtain

Just add an extra shower curtain and add basket hangers to hang all of your shower necessities.

bottles for bracelets

This is a cute and creative way to show off your bracelets and have it for easy access. Just use your favorite beer bottle and hang a decorative box and BAM you got a showcase for those stylish bracelets.

crown molding

Are you a shoe lover? Well, just pick up a couple crown molding slabs at your nearest home depot (around $9.00 each) and stick them up to your wall to create an instant hanging high heel rack.

undershelves magazine rack

Adding some hanging shelves in those dish and pot/pan cabinet will be an instant clutter saver. The lids for those pots and pans can easily be hung up on the side of your cabinet with a simple magazine rack.


Turn your ironing board into a full length mirror! It’s already a hassle to store that board away in a closet so might as well use it for a great purpose in your room or living room!



Posted by: michaela on June 18, 2015
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