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Paper Rules!

Property investment includes a considerable amount of paper. It is not just the lease agreement, but also the statutes and reports that need to be obeyed and filed. It can get to be quite a hassle for any property owner. All this is time-consuming. It is reason why property management companies in San Diego are employed.
Dealing with Changes
It is about taking care of business and being accurate at the same time. Leases should contain certain language and the tenant-landlord laws must be understood and obeyed. Change is constant and can be a major headache. Anyone who owns apartments in different towns knows how rough it can be to keep up with zoning laws and other changes to property rules. A landlord needs to have a third-party taking care of business and watching the paper. Alta Vista Properties is a property management company in San Diego. We understand how important all those pieces of paper are for our clients.
Alta Vista Properties is very Professional
We are students of the real estate industry. We stay on top of any changes in legislation or rules that happen in the San Diego Metropolitan area. Our clients are briefed on anything that can affect the management of their rental Properties. We can provide the kind of information necessary to complete any reports required by a municipality or San Diego itself. We administer the paperwork. The leases are in perfect order and we answer any questions a new tenant has about the paperwork. We do not make exceptions to the clauses. A tenant can expect have the service promised in the lease signed. Conversely, we insist the tenants abide by the stipulations. There can be no exceptions there, either.
The tenant-landlord laws in California have specific requirements for eviction. Alta Vista Properties is careful to be sure that any eviction is done as required by law. We also work to be as fair as possible. If an exiting tenant has trouble with not getting all the security deposit, we will explain to this individual why certain amounts were deducted from the amount. We also assure this person that the damage was for anything above ordinary wear and tear.
We Can Handle Paper Administration
It can be quite a challenge to handle the paper administration in several towns but we can do it. We have been in the business of real estate property management for over 30 years. This experience helps us provide the kind of administration of daily affairs a client ought to expect. It is important to have accurate figures for any report. Our software based administration sees to it that figures are correct. We also can generate any reports that a client may need. Filing deadlines on various reports are easily met because Alta Vista Properties has the wherewithal to get things done on time.
Taking care of the paper is part of our commitment to giving superior service to all our clients. Any property owner who has a contract with us sleeps a lot easier. This person knows that the lease agreements are managed efficiently, any building regulation is followed carefully, and reports generated are accurate. The paper which is so much a part of real estate is handled expertly by our professional staff.
An ordinary person can be overwhelmed by all the records and paper processing needed to manage a real estate portfolio. We take care of business and it means seeing to it all paperwork is handled. We have a reputation for efficiency and accuracy among all of the property management companies in San Diego. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

High Tech Property Management

There are still landlords in San Diego who try to manage things the old-school way. You notice when you walk into their office the stacks of paper everywhere. It means a lot of time is spent trying to find a lease agreement, a receipt, or some other important piece of paper. Precious time for other projects is going to tedious administrative tasks. It is not a good situation and needs correction. There are property management companies in San Diego who are up-to-date on technology. Alta Vista Properties is one of them.
Money Moves Faster
We think it is important to be able to respond quickly to any of the needs of the client. Alter Vista Properties uses one of the best software packages in the property management industry, AppFolio. It allows us to perform any number of services. Perhaps the most important is an electronic transfer of rent money. Going door-to-door is a waste of time and sending rent money through the mail risks theft. The same is true for a drop box. We can set up electronic transfers from a tenets bank accounts to those owned by the client. On a given day of the month, the money deposits in the client’s account; no fuss and no problem at all. Financial record keeping cannot be a file cabinet. Information about expenses and income must be easy to get at, and accuracy is paramount. Because our software we can store financial data without any problem. Moreover, the information is accurate for use in tax filings, loan applications, and any data required by a government agency. It allows our clients to go paperless and that is a good thing.
Access is Easy with An Owner Portal
Supervising property in the good old days was not that great. A landlord would have to constantly telephone the property management company in San Diego to ask about invoices and other bits of information. Alta Vista Properties include an owner portal and its software. A landlord only has to access the portal and discover the paperwork kept there. It is easy enough to download anything. Questions about rent or a recent repair are easy to be answered and the landlord does not spend a lot of time getting information. It is all there online. It is also much easier to screen applicants. AppFolio will allow for standard background checks as well as credit reviews and history of rent payment. The process takes minutes, and not hours as it often happens with manual checks. We can do better marketing of vacancies because App Folio will post notices in record time.
Tenants appreciate the convenience and efficiency of our software. Late-night emergencies get a quick response thanks to the tenant portal. A work order can be submitted and acted on as soon as possible. Of course, electronic transfer of rent makes much easier for the resident to budget.
Our high-tech approach to property management also includes the use of social media to get the word out about available apartments. Everything we do cuts down on time spent doing administrative work. It allows us to develop a better relationship with our client’s tenants. That is important in the long term. Although tenants do leave for other apartments, there may come a day when they are looking yet again for new home. A solid rapport built with these people creates a pool of leads we can tap into. It helps fill open space that much faster. We would like to be of service and would appreciate the chance to tell you more about us. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions.

Marketing Is Non-Stop

Marketing a vacancy is a process that never too late stops. Even though space is occupied, the tenant may decide to leave before the lease is up and do so without any warning. The marketing is something that requires a fair amount of ongoing research. Rent should be competitive with the neighborhood. An owner must be sure that the apartment or house for rent is in line with the market. Landlords in San Diego may charge different rates, but if the rent is too high, or if it is too low, no profit is made.
It is an understatement to say that there is more than just rent research. Apartments and rental houses need to stay in the best possible condition. It includes adhering to building codes and property regulations. Incidentally, these real estate statues can change and will all the time. Property owners do not always have the time to be constantly ready for marketing. It is a primary reason why they should look at property management companies in San Diego for assistance. These business establishments are primarily concerned with the rental property of clients. A great property management company in San Diego is Alta Vista Properties. We have a superior reputation client service.
Doing All Needed Research
We have been a prominent company in the San Diego Metropolitan area for over 30 years, and we understand the rental market entirely. Rents need to stay competitive, and we do the research required to be sure that rent is in line with properties of comparable size and appearance. But there is more to rent than just changing the figures; we justify the tenant’s expense with additional work performed.
We will make routine inspections of the properties to be satisfied that there are no problems. Our company responds immediately to any emergency repairs. We have worked with construction contractors and will use only the best and most ethical. We insist that any contractor only charges a client for work performed, so there are no hidden fees or unhappy surprises. We will do an inspection of any property that becomes vacant before it goes on the market.
A Preliminary Pool of Potential Tenants
An apartment might stay empty for a while no matter what marketing medium is used. It helps to be able to spread the word as quickly as possible to those who are looking for a place to live. We maintain a record of those tenants who have lived in a property owned by our clients. We contact them first to see if there’s any interest on their part. It allows us to connect with people who are aware of our reputation for excellent service and are currently looking.
We use standard media outlets such as Internet real estate boards and print media. Alta Vista Properties is also well-connected to social media. We reach out as quickly as possible as soon as a vacancy occurs. We have had great success in filling properties almost as soon the last tenant leaves.
No landlord wants to have a revolving door of tenants. It always is best if there is good retention. Alta Vista Properties guarantees long-standing residents with the excellent attention we provide. We try to develop a positive rapport with all tenants and making easy to pay the rent owed. Properties we manage have a high retention rate as a result.
Marketing is an ongoing activity in property management. Alta Vista Properties is always planning and getting ready for any vacancy which may arise. It is part of the quality assistance we give to our clients. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you

Maintaining Great Cash Flow

Few people are going to buy a rental property for a loss. Landlords in San Diego anticipate making money off their investment. The way to do that is to have a good cash flow. It means money is coming in and as little money as possible is going out. It is a process that requires sound management.
There is a Lot to Cash Flow
Good rent collecting is critical. The door-to-door rent collection is the old-school way of doing things and is very inefficient. A property owner not only has to remember to make the collection visit, but must follow up when the tenant is not there. This is in addition to perhaps some very emotional arguments at the door when the tenant cannot pay. It can be a sizable hassle.
Expenses should be kept down as well. Not every contractor is honest, and some will charge more then the service rendered. A final challenge can be the security deposits. All the effort necessary to maintain good cash flow is a reason why property owners will use property management companies in San Diego. Alta Vista Properties is a property management company in the San Diego metropolitan area with a reputation for superior service. We are dedicated to helping our clients have a healthy cash flow. We do this in several ways.
We Do Not Waste Your Time
Time is a thief when it comes to rent collection. If it takes too much time to get the money into the landlord’s bank account, the ability to pay bills becomes increasingly more difficult. AltaVista Properties wants to be sure that an owner gets the necessary money at the right time. We are not advocates of the door-to-door collection. We automate things, instead. We help new tenants set up electronic rent payments. That way, money goes immediately into the landlord’s bank account on a certain day. This eliminates a lot of the stress that comes with collecting the money. There are no doorstep confrontations, and cash arrives at the right time.
Cash flow is also money going out ordinarily in the form of repair or damage expenses. Alta Vista Properties makes certain that small problems don’t become costly repairs later. We will do routine inspections to check for any damage. We also respond immediately to any tenant call for help. The contractors we use to fix any problem have a reputation for integrity. They will only charge for work actually done. The security deposit can be a point of contention. We assure tenants we will only deduct from the deposit any repairs above and beyond ordinary wear and tear. We gladly explain to a former why the deductions were made. Landlords often need financial information to get bank loans. We can provide reports necessary for the property owner. These can be accessed easily on the proprietor portal of our website.

We Are Committed to Maintaining Excellent Cash Flow
Alta Vista Properties is committed to maintaining a healthy and strong cash flow for all our clients. We gladly go the extra mile. Our clients all rest assured that money flows into the accounts easily, and all repair bills get paid quickly. Our service is considered among the best in San Diego. We encourage prospective clients to check our references and ask around about us. They will discover that Alta Vista Properties is in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and is held in high regard within the community. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you

Marketing The Right Way

The Internet has revolutionized marketing. People doing business are setting up websites and creating a presence in cyberspace to attract customers. Landlords in San Diego are no different. Many are setting up their own site, thinking it will attract people. They also make use of existing sites like The only problem is there is more to successfully using the Internet.
You have to do more than just establish a landing page and hope people will show up. There is a need to use keywords and other Internet marketing strategies to attract a crowd. There are property owners who think they can take pictures of their apartments or rental homes with a smartphone camera. That is definitely a bad idea. Property management companies in San Diego have a better idea of how to effectively use the Internet. Landlords need to look at them, and Alta Vista Properties is one of the best.
We Take a Serious Approach
We have been a property management company in San Diego for over 30 years. The rents that are charged by our clients can be upscale, and so we take a very serious approach to the marketing. We will not use the smartphone selfies to take pictures of the various properties! Professional photographers are used. We do have pictures posted on the various real estate websites. We also invite people to take a look at the available properties we post our own. You’ll quickly notice the Alta Vista Properties difference.
Prospective tenants appreciate openness and knowing all the facts. We point out the various qualities of the apartments and houses. A person does have to realize that apartments close to the beach are going to command higher monthly rents. However, depending on the owner we can negotiate various amenities such as allowing pets. We post the rents so a person can do some serious rental shopping. The pictures tell the story of the Alta Vista Properties. We do not represent slumlords but owners who have some of the best apartments in the San Diego metropolitan area.
Former Tenants Might Be Interested
Vacant apartments need to be occupied right away. You do not have time to wait because this is not fishing. We kept contact with a number of our former tenants, and these people appreciate the excellent service we provided while they were residing in properties of our clients. This is an immediate pool of prospects which we go to when there is a vacancy. These former tenants know us, and of the quality of properties, we represent. It makes the marketing of what is available so much easier.
We move quickly to fill an apartment but we don’t overlook details. Any prospect who is under serious consideration is checked for their background. We always stay within the limits of the law and discrimination is not permitted. Nevertheless, we want to be sure that whoever occupies an apartment or house is someone who will pay the rent on time and not cause severe damage.
We will check the apartment or damage and not just do it when it becomes available. Instead, we will make the routine inspections to be sure there’s nothing amiss. Tenants know when to expect us, and we are very professional in our behavior. Clients are confident in dealing with us because they know we take property management seriously. The marketing performed by Alta Vista Properties is aggressive, professional, and makes use of all possible venues. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you


Beware of Bad Tenants


Lots of people are looking for vacant apartments in San Diego. That makes sense because the metropolitan area is so large. Still, there is competition among landlords to get tenants. An empty apartment doesn’t make any money, and an owner wants to fill that space as soon as possible. It is understandable, but it is dangerous and a property owner must be careful. You cannot offer a lease to just anybody.
Granted, most residents are honest and trustworthy people. Some are not, and they can be major headaches. They’re the ones that cause damage, play music too loudly, and are tough to deal with when it comes to paying the rent. Quite a few of them have a history of being trouble for other landlords. A property owner who moves too quickly, though, often doesn’t check the past.
It results in problems in the present and bigger ones in the future. Bad tenants will forget to pay the rent, but they also may take advantage of the tenant-landlord legislation. Many of these laws are designed to protect the tenant, but some dishonest folks will benefit from anything in the law. A landlord needs to have someone who knows how to deal with these situations. Property management companies in San Diego confront these challenges on almost a routine basis. Alta Vista Properties is a highly-regarded property management company in San Diego and the entire metropolitan area.
Looking in the Past
Background checks are the best way of stopping a bad tenant at the gate. These investigations are governed by California law and cannot be discriminatory based on minority status. Alta Vista Properties is aware of the boundaries. We’re looking only for certain types of behavior and evidence of trouble. We are successful in identifying potential difficulties and create a pool of reputable candidates. We add to this by contacting those former tenants of other clients who may be looking for new homes. We already know we can rely on these folks.
Preventing Disputes from Happening
Two primary sources of tension and difficulty our rent collection and the security deposit. Alta Vista Properties learn from experience bad tenants will not pay rent on time. Whenever a new tenant moves in, we make arrangements for electronic payment of rent. That way, the resident’s bank account has deducted from it the rent owed on a given date every month. The cash goes directly to the landlord’s account, and rent collection is made easier, safer, and free of any contention. Knowing the poor tenant is not going to report damages quickly, we have routine inspections of the property. The resident has always made aware of the visit, and we are as courteous as possible. Nevertheless, we are looking for any damage. The security deposit can be a battleground when a tenant leaves. We take pictures of the property before this person moving in, and then we do the inspection when the person has left. We can prove whether a resident-caused damage or not. We then explain to anyone why certain expenses were deducted from the security deposit. Alta Vista Properties works with reputable construction contractors. Only those damages, which are beyond wear and tear, will be charged against a security deposit. We can present an ironclad argument for any dispute that may arise.
Professional Service Always
Screening out suspect applicants and preventing problems which lead to a sour relationship will effectively neutralize the bad tenant challenge. Alta Vista Properties performs these activities in an efficient and highly professional manner. People respect that, and troublemakers stay away. We have a reputation for top-quality service to client landlords. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you

Will The Damage Be Noticed?


The deposit on an apartment is ordinarily over $1000 in San Diego. People want to get as much of that back as possible when they leave the premises. Some unethical folks will try to hide the damage they did or deny damage they know they caused. The state of California is very firm rules about those security deposits. While the landlord can use the money for repairing damage caused by the tenant, it must be beyond normal wear and tear.
The Inspections are Needed.
An owner may forget to inspect the premises, and some damage goes unnoticed entirely. It can be a problem if there are holes in the structure. Vermin have a way of getting in and making nests in the damage. That is too bad if the landlord forgets to do a proper inspection, the deposit has already been refunded, and the tenant is gone. Property management companies in San Diego can do the inspections.
Disputes over the deposit can get very nasty. It can include going to small claims court to get a final resolution. Still, there can be disagreements over how the deposit money is used and how much will the tenant receive as a refund. Not following the law can cause a major headache for any landlord. A private management company does inspections after a person has vacated the property. Alta Vista Properties has a history of doing thorough investigations that justify any use of the deposit money.
Alta Vista Properties Does a Complete Job
Alta Vista Properties will do an inspection before and after the tenant leaves. We will check the condition of the apartment or rental before a new tenant takes residence. We then do a second inspection once this person has left. It helps assess whether any damage was done in the time the apartment was rented out.
The property inspection provides the evidence used to justify holding onto the full deposit. We will do the inspection and do it in a fair way. Alta Vista Properties knows that claiming damage which is not within California statute is going to be contested. We will only claim what is used to repair damage beyond ordinary wear and tear. It is important to have ethical contractors, who do not tack on fees. The repair work that may be required is done by contractors we have developed a rapport with. We trust these people they will only charge for work they do on the rental.
We can also do periodic expectations just to check on conditions. It is not because we do not trust the tenants. The building codes in San Diego are going to change periodically. It is important to make sure that any apartment or rented house stays within the guidelines. Those periodic inspections help us determine if the property is compliant. We will recommend any changes necessary to protect the landlord’s investment.
We Are Complete Professionals
Many people who rent apartments in San Diego are suspicious of their landlords when it comes to the security deposit. What one person may consider wear and tear are, in fact, damages to the property. Any issue regarding intent security deposit is a delicate matter. Alta Vista Properties knows that rapport is necessary to avoid future difficulties. Our clients know that we will treat all residents with respect. If there is an issue of damage, we always explain what it is and how we intend to fix it. If there is a concern about refunding the security deposit, we certainly have no problem talking with the resident. Any such conversation is always made professionally and with respect for the other person. We want to answer any questions you have. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

The Reporters Must Be Accurate

Tax season is coming to an end and everyone is breathing a sigh of relief. This annual ritual drives folks crazy and sends blood pressure sky high. The good news is the IRS will now leave you alone. The not so good news is a landlord in San Diego still has reports to be filed.
Property in San Diego is a valuable commodity. Many owners rely on loans to purchase apartments and rental houses. The lending institutions want to know how things are coming along, and expect to see financial reports. They are not the only ones interested. If the landlord has financial backing from a group of investors, they want to see the figures. After all that, the various municipalities are interested in property valuations and code compliance. Owners must be able to provide information, and the data has to be accurate.
Avoiding Human Error
A landlord in San Diego might not have the time to prepare all the required documents. It makes better sense to have an outside party handle this. It is why so many sensible owners will use a property management company in San Diego to take care of these matters.
Handwritten records are subject to human error, and we do not use them. Instead, Alta Vista Properties makes use of software that comes highly recommended. We can produce reports on request that are accurate and can be presented to any institution or group of investors. Monthly or quarterly reports are not a problem at all. Any of our clients can access this information from the online portal at any time they need it.
It is both convenient and highly practical. If a landlord needs additional financing, those reports are ready to be used to help expand the business. We can guarantee accuracy because of our software. AppFolio Property Manager is the software solution for high-quality property management companies. It goes beyond just providing financial information on request.
What we have allows us to do standard background and credit checks. We also can determine if a prospective tenant has any problems with past rent history. The software permits us to generate electronic work orders, and we can communicate directly with contractors and vendors. Any who landlord needs a copy of the work order can get it in real time updates. We also can better market properties, allowing our clients to have full vacancies. Naturally, the software also will enable us to send money immediately to a client’s bank account. That by itself is going to assure an excellent return on investment.
All the Information When You Need It.
Landlords must deal with a lot of stress and getting accurate financial reports immediately is one source of anxiety. We can think of no reason for any property owner to have to go through this type of mental anguish. Alta Vista Properties uses its comprehensive software to provide superior service to all clients. Our ability to generate those reports allows you as a landlord concentrate on more important things. Best of all, you have what you need to plan. You also can see where there may be some problems right away. Your online portal is the gateway to the right data you need to succeed.

Alton Vista Properties takes great pride in its reputation for superior assistance. We can help a property owner not only maintain existing investments but grow as well. We want to answer any questions you have. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

Dealing With The Marketing Challenge

Rental property is a smart addition to any portfolio. The apartments and houses will increase in value over time while bringing in a steady stream of income. The challenge is going to be marketing the property. It is not as easy as some people would believe. Apartments in San Diego are all over the metropolitan area. A landlord is facing some stiff competition from other landlords in the area. Space cannot remain empty for long, and the owner may not know just what to do. They may rely on print media or trying to post notices in public areas. That may be fine if the quality of the apartment is poor, but it is a recipe for problems if it is a high-level property. The landlord may end up getting interested people who are not always the best tenants.
Landlords may also be stuck with few resources. They may have no referral system or other ways of getting the word out. A property management company in San Diego has a better idea of what to do. It is staff with professionals who understand rental marketing, and how to do it effectively. These professionals have marketed apartments and rental houses before, and have the means necessary to get the job done properly. Alta Vista Properties is one of the best property management companies in San Diego. We have a track record of getting the best tenants for our clients.
Setting the Stage
We begin the marketing with some very basic activities. Space is investigated for any need of repairs or problems. We make sure that the place looks spotless and that the carpeting looks brand-new. As soon as we believe the property is worth showing, we begin to go to work on marketing.
You can expect Alta Vista Properties to use every marketing tactic possible. We certainly will use print media, but we also take advantage of the Internet. We announce on websites such as Zillow the availability of apartments and houses for rent. We also use what many other real estate agencies employ to bring in interested parties. We have a database of people who are currently living or lived, and property owned by our clients. We contact them not just for their interest, but perhaps a recommendation from them to their friends. It is using all the leads we have, which is a primary part of real estate marketing.
There Remains Another Challenge
A poor property manager is more concerned with filling a space then having it occupied by good residents. Alta Vista Properties believes that marketing must result in good tenants. We carefully screen prospective tenants to make sure responsible people occupy the apartments. We always stay within the rules of the housing codes and antidiscrimination laws. At the same time, we take care to be sure that people who can be reliable in paying rent and maintaining their obligations under the lease become tenants.
We believe that we can fill any apartment vacancy in a relatively short period. We are a property management company in San Diego with a reputation for ethical behavior. The leads we have developed over the years are reliable, and these people all trust our professionalism. We are successful in our marketing efforts because we leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting the message out about a vacancy. Any prospective client is encouraged to do a reference check on us with those whom we serve. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

The Danger of Rents in Arrears

Latest economic figures look good, and there is a chance that people are going to get pay raises this year. It does not mean that financial distress has gone away. Many tenants in the San Diego area have had difficulty with making full payment on what they owe to landlords. Rent in arrears is a significant problem that can damage the investment made in property.
It can happen that people will make only partial payments, or forget to pay the rent entirely. What happens then is the creation of debt outstanding that does not help a landlord at all. A culprit is the way rent is collected. Landlords too often rely on the old fashion door-to-door collection process. It is not a very good way of doing business. If it comes time for eviction, the tenant can claim that they were not at home and could not pay the rent on time consequently. It does not always get that far, and honest tenants will make every effort to repay arrears. Nevertheless, there may still be an unpaid balance on the books, and that is not okay.
Rent must be Collected
Property management companies in San Diego place a priority on getting the rent collected. The only way clients are going to benefit if they receive reliable cash flow. Property managers do not beat down doors and force on the spot evictions. They work within the framework of the law. Routine rent collection does not have to be an exercise in teeth pulling. The old ways of collecting rent, however, are open to abuse an outright theft from other parties. A property management company in San Diego will move a client away from the traditional means of gathering cash. They also handle outstanding rent in arrears cases with diplomacy and care. A client of Alta Vista Properties knows rent; both regular and outstanding will be efficiently collected.
Stop It Before It Starts
The best way to prevent the problem is to stop it even starts. Alta Vista Properties makes sure that tenants pay on time by offering to set up a resident on a tenant portal and create an automatic payment plan, which includes automatic reminder emails. Electronic payments are arranged. Our online payment options include cash, E-check or credit card. The online payment can be made at any time of the day or night. These online payments are transacted from any computer that has an Internet connection. Tenants do want to know whether they’re getting behind in their payments. The tenant portal allows each person to review payment history, permitting this person to perhaps arrange for anything overdue to be paid promptly.
Dealing with Serious Arrears
Even residents with outstanding debts owed have rights under the law. Alta Vista Properties respects those. We always stay within the boundaries of the legal statute in dealing with someone who has a lot of rent in arrears owed to the landlord. We have cultivated a management style that is highly diplomatic, and we approach the situation calmly. The tenant is contacted and advised of consequences, as well as options. Every effort is made to see to it the situation is corrected without a crisis.
Our clients have less problem rent in arrears because our electronic payment and tenant portals make it so much more convenient to pay in a timely fashion. The landlord gets the rent money at expected intervals. There is little problem, and AltaVista Properties has a reputation for getting what is owed. Please do inquire at any time about our property management services. We can be reached at 858-274-3600 or by email at We look forward to hearing from you.

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